The Company

Genifi delivers Fintech innovation. The Company provides leading edge platforms, including IDVerifact™ for digital identity, and for generative AI chat support, coupled with seamless integration of our partners best-of-breed Fintech platforms. Genifi has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies with multiple awards.


About us

IDVerifact aggregates the most comprehensive and continually evolving suite of digital identity solutions, allowing organizations to simplify and secure digital transactions with their customers. We provide a simplified platform where you can access a complete catalogue of leading digital identity providers right at your fingertips.

Through a single integration, combine multiple digital identity capabilities to meet any business use case. As your needs change, add new capabilities and functions to avoid risk and fraud by delivering continuous improvement in your clients’ experience.

our pillars

Key pillars of a robust enterprise fraud and risk reduction strategy

idverifact platform