An end-to-end accounts receivable and payment platform solution that allows financial service providers and their business clients to engage more closely. Our working capital management system provides financial services organizations with a more in-depth perspective of their customers’ businesses, as well as time and money-saving solutions that assist streamline the day-to-day administration of the underlying enterprises.

Assist your commercial clients in gaining control of their working capital, as well as how and when they pay their bills. Seamless connection with top general ledger systems, user-defined processes, and access to different payment methods can provide your customers the power to make real-time financial choices with their suppliers and vendors to help them maintain, grow, and profit.

Integrate general ledger systems seamlessly to streamline accounts payable operations, saving time and money for your clients. Allow your clients to manage the scheduling, execution, and tracking of payments by allowing them to access accounts payable data through online banking systems.

Eliminate the agony and tedium of maintaining your clients’ accounts receivable, resulting in faster payments and happy suppliers. More time may be spent on productive work, allowing your clients’ businesses to expand quicker, by automating invoicing and reconciling bills to payments.

Dynamic Negotiation enables your client’s firm to proactively offer consumers and suppliers faster or extended payment terms in exchange for a discount or premium. Dynamic Negotiations improves consumer and supplier connections while keeping their business healthy.