Fraudsters and regulations are on the rise. Are you delivering a frictionless customer experience?

As mobile lottery and gaming become more popular, jurisdictional regulations change and fraud becomes more prevalent. Lottery and gaming companies are challenged with delivering a frictionless customer experience while keeping fraudsters out and maintaining strict adherence to regulations and jurisdictional boundaries.

IDVerifact provides a unique mix of leading identity validation and location identity technologies that add security, not friction, to mobile gaming and lotteries. 

how it works

Streamline New Account Creation

Automate identity document collection, validation, name/address/data of birth capture, passive liveness detection, and facial deduplication. Automate address validation using location behaviour. Validate name, address, birth date, and mobile device location with a phone to person matching with trusted telco detail. Leverage identity validation detail from multiple sources to create a unique identity score to ensure minimum requirements for onboarding.

Protect Existing Customers

Location identity provides frictionless authentication to detect fraudsters and ensure jurisdictional requirements based on location behaviour are being adhered to with enhanced location-detecting technics. Ensure your real customer (not a child or spouse) is on the other end via passive liveness and physical and device behavioural biometrics. Eliminates fraudulent access, account takeover, and misuse of a trusted device. 

Prevent Fraudulent Lottery Purchases and Gaming

Intercept fraudulent behaviour: detect accounts accessed by rooted, jailbroken or emulated devices. Check if multiple accounts have been created or attempted to be created by the same device. Detect if multiple devices access the same account. Prevent online collusion from multiple players sitting in the same physical location.

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Let IDVerifact take care of fraud, so your customers don’t have to. Working as passively as possible in the background IDVerifact adds no friction to the user experience. Access a multitude of leading identity validation functionality from a single integration. Develop your own composite APIs on the fly to support any use case or user experience required.

IDVerifact Functionality

  • Identity Document Realness – Detect the true presence of a physical ID document. Not a facsimile or a screenshot but the actual document.
  • Identity Document Validation – Detect and validate the type of identity document and jurisdiction presented. Removes the need for the customer to self-identify the type of ID document presented.
  • Identity Document Detail Capture – Extract the name, address, and birthdate data from the front of the ID document. Compare it to any bar code detail provided on the back of the document.
  • Identity Document Photo to Selfie Match – Compare and provide a matching score from the photo provided on the ID document to a selfie captured by the customer. Provides another level of assurance that it is the same person.
  • Customer Passive Liveness Detection – Liveness detection without all the mandatory movements. Ensures that the customer is physically present.
  • Customer Facial Deduplication – Eliminates the potential for a customer to alter ID documents with different photos. Deduplication ensures that there is only one customer for a single face and alerts you when we have seen the customer before.
  • Person-to-Phone Match – In specific jurisdictions, ask the mobile carrier to validate the provided name, address, and birthdate of the customer or the ID document against the details they have on record for the mobile account that is being used.
  • Mobile Device Location Cellular – In specific jurisdictions, validate the location of the customer’s mobile device based on cell tower location.
  • Mobile Device Location Analytics – Detect the distance between the physical user location and the address validated during onboarding or other KYC/AML workflows.
  • Location Spoof Detection – Detect rooted, emulated, and jailbroken devices during onboarding or other KYC/AML workflows.
  • Current Location to Location Behavior – Develop profiles of trusted locations for your customers’ (home, office, gym, relative’s house). Leverage these trusted locations in KYC/AML workflows. 
  • Biometrics Profile – Create an on-device managed biometrics profile for your customer (not a face ID managed by the device manufacturer but your own managed profile). Leverage biometrics step-up to validate the end user on the other side of your lottery or gaming app.
  • Device Behavioural Biometrics – Create an on-device managed device biometrics profile for your customer based on how they hold their device, how hard they typically tap their screen, and how they swipe in your app. Leverage this to passively validate that it is your customer using your lottery or gaming app.

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