The IDVerfact Platform just added new solutions to help organizations stay compliant and avoid fraud

The IDVerifact platform is growing! We are excited to share that recently new functionality that has been added to the IDVerifact platform Highlighted in green, the new functionality will help many organizations stay compliant and avoid fraud.

Passive Fraud Detection

Consumer Web Wide Visibility – Collective Intelligence 

  1. 150K+ Participating websites (network, device, activity, geography)
  2. 1.4 Billion logging in, checking out, registering, online gaming and dating daily
  3. Transactional North American population multiple times per week
  4. Identify stolen identities at onboarding
  5. Trust and risk signals to adjust control at login and provide passwordless enrolments.

Expanded PEP and Sanctions Screening 

Global KYC Compliance

  1. Scanning – Choose a quick ad-hoc scan of an individual or company, or run a batch scan of some or all of your customer base. Select from multiple PEP and Sanctions listing globally. 
  2. Ongoing Monitoring – Receive notifications of changes to profiles of matches, or new information affecting your customers, through automatic daily screening against global PEP & Sanction, as well as adverse media data sources. 
  3. Due Diligence – Comply with auditing through the integrated due diligence to assign risks and decisions to matched profiles for your customers and applicants.
  4. Intelligent Parameters – Customize your scan parameters and Watchlist category selection to meet your organization’s regulatory obligations.
  5. Comprehensive Reporting – Create and download reports in PDF, Word, and Excel as part of your KYC obligations, and to meet audit requirements.
  6. Whitelists – Create whitelists from due diligence decisions of ‘false match’, to apply to future scans in order to eliminate false positives and reduce your workload. 

Behaviour Based Credit and Risk Scoring

Smart-Phone and Web Browser Metadata Analysis

  1. Analysis of 100M+ smartphones globally
  2. Increased approval rates of 30%+ while keeping risk and credit loss under control
  3. Enhanced product and marketing offers based on existence of competitors apps
  4. More detailed segmentation and persona classification based on 50K+ data points.
  5. Higher level of potential fraud and risk detection based on actual behaviours (high ratio of casino and i-gaming apps, jailbroken device, lower than average contacts, less than 10 apps on device)
  6. 100% predictivity with 0% personal data collected

Collateral Management

  • Automated PPSA/RDPRM, NOSI & UCC processing
  • Upfront lien validations
  • Real-time reporting on PPSA/RDPRM/NOSI/Repair Lien registrations
  • Land Title and Homeowner Verification
  • Turnkey recovery solutions
  • Homeowner Verification (HOV)
  • Canadian Land Title Search
  • Analyzed Debtor/VIN Search
  • Lien Validation and Triggers
  • Unperfected Lien Analysis
  • Batch Remediation (Portfolio Cleanse)
  • UCC Filings

Enhanced User Experience

  • Full Due Diligence Searches
  • Multi-name search
  • Corporate Verification
  • Corporate Report
  • Lien Searches

Complete Lien Management

  • Lien registrations
  • Lien amendments
  • Lien renewals
  • Lien discharges

If you’re interested in a demo of IDVerifact, request below.