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TikTok forces Canada to Propose Changes to Consumer Consent Laws

Recently, there have been significant developments in Canadian consumer consent laws, particularly with the introduction of Bill C-27 – Digital Charter Implementation Act 2022, which is currently in its second reading in the Canadian Parliament. The bill is finally moving forward after a lot of concerns over how Chinese-owned app TikTok collects their data. Governments around the globe are banning the TikTok app from all government devices over data-collection concerns.

“It’s high time the government moved Bill C-27 forward,” said Brenda McPhail, director of the privacy, technology and surveillance program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

This bill aims to enact The Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) to amend several laws related to consumer consent and compliance, which will have a significant impact on protecting personal information collected during all forms of electronic commerce and ongoing consent management from the consumer. 

The CPPA proposes a new framework for consumer privacy which is more in line with current technology and the digital age we live in today. Bill C-27 proposes several changes to the current laws related to consumer consent, including the requirement for businesses to obtain explicit consent before collecting and using any personal information. This consent must be provided in clear and plain language, and the consumer must be informed of the purpose for which their data will be used.

Moreover, the CPPA proposes specific requirements for consent forms, including the information that must be provided to the consumer, the timing of when the consent was collected, and the amount of data allowed to be collected by businesses per product or service. The proposed legislation requires that businesses notify the privacy commissioner and any affected consumers of any data breaches or unauthorized access to personal information.

The IDVerifact platform provides a robust consumer consent management functionality that exceeds the current requirements of the proposed CPPA. The proposed CPPA will have a significant impact on how businesses collect and manage consumer consent in Canada. It is essential for businesses to understand these changes and ensure they remain compliant with the new legislation. IDVerifact’s consumer consent management functionality can help businesses navigate the proposed legislation and ensure they are obtaining the necessary consent from their customers.