We expanded our KYC and KYB solutions this month!

This month, our team added new solutions to the IDVerifact platform, updated the website and onboarded new partners! We also talked about biometrics and it’s milestones, ID fraud and trademarks and much more.

Just added!

The IDVerifact platform is growing! We are excited to share that we recently onboarded new partners and expanded our KYC and KYB solutions! 
See all the newly added solutions here. 

Did you know?

Over the last 14 months, IDVerifact integrated solutions from 21 industry leading partners onto the platform. Everything from KYC, AML, Fraud Detection, Biometrics, KYB, Data Cybersecurity, Consumer Consent, Automated Underwriting, and much more! 

Submit an RFP

You can now easily submit an RFP on the IDVerifact website. Located under Platform in the main menu.

Global Digital Identity News

Global Digital Identity News Next-gen biometrics deployments and digital identity concepts hit milestones Add ‘agile identity’ to agile development and management among important terms for the digital world. Important, in this case, according to Deloitte, because its vision of digital ID based on portability, transparency, and individual choice is necessary to achieve the effective digital transformation of government services. Verifiable Credentials play a key role. Read more 

1 in 4 ID Theft Victims An alarming number of Americans say they experienced identity theft, or attempted identity theft, during the pandemic. A new survey by Forbes Advisor found that since 2020, four in 10 Americans (39%) reported that someone tried to open, or successfully opened, a bank account, credit card or loan in their name. Read more 

Your Industry

IDVerifact can help you stay complaint, reduce fraud, detect risk, and prove identity and business entity.

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The Solution to Your Enterprise Needs

With IDVerifact, your enterprise can avoid fraud and lower risk even in the most complex business use cases, without having to onboard multiple niche digital identity providers. 

IDVerifact will help you to:

  • Partner with world-leading digital identity solution providers
  • Provide your business with the ability to assign composite APIs to specific projects and cost centres
  • Normalize and standardize all data in advance for easy consumption
  • Sort solutions into common categories that you can recognize and reuse
  • Provide you with a visual, no-code, studio in order to design and publish composite digital identity APIs on the fly