What is the difference between a Digital identity aggregator and a digital identity provider?

There are huge differences between a digital identity provider and a digital identity aggregator. A digital identity provider and a digital identity aggregator are both involved in managing digital identities, but they serve different purposes.

A digital identity verification provider specializes in verifying the identity of an individual through various means, such as biometric authentication, document verification, and database checks. They typically offer specialized solutions and may not have everything that you require. 

On the other hand, a digital identity aggregator is a platform that consolidates and manages digital identity solutions from multiple sources, which means that you can pick any solution that you need and create as many use cases as you want. 

IDVerifact provides you with access to leading digital identity solutions so you can detect fraud, prove identity, and gather rich data attributes in order to assess risk & adhere to all compliance requirements.

A digital identity solutions aggregator can help various industries in several ways:
Improved User Experience: By aggregating multiple digital identity solutions from different providers, IDVerifact can offer users a seamless and unified experience when it comes to identity verification and authentication. Users won’t need to manage multiple accounts with different identity providers and remember different login credentials. This can improve customer satisfaction and drive user adoption.
Enhanced Security: By leveraging different identity providers, IDVerifact can offer a more robust security framework for identity verification and authentication. IDVerifact can use multi-factor authentication methods, such as biometrics or SMS-based verification, to ensure that only authorized
users can access sensitive information. This can help prevent fraud and mitigate risk across different industries.
Compliance: Different industries have different regulatory requirements when it comes to identity verification and authentication. By integrating with multiple identity providers across the globe, IDVerifact can help various industries meet compliance requirements in different regions.
Cost Savings: Integrating with different identity providers can be time-consuming and costly for businesses. By leveraging IDverifact businesses can save time and resources by integrating with a single platform that offers access to multiple identity providers.
Overall, integrating with multiple identity providers around the world can help various industries improve user experience, increase security, meet compliance requirements, and save money.
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